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Extensive Expertise

Our manufacturing processes are optimized for efficiency. We can produce exact multiples of the same design or variations on each one — all with the same attention to detail.

Industries Served

Design Ready Controls has produced OEM control panels, industrial control panels, wiring harnesses, low and medium voltage control panels, and enclosed drive packages for customers in more than 20 industries.

HVAC and Building Technology

With energy conservation initiatives and environmental awareness at an all-time high, HVAC system providers are seeing a significant increase in demand for high-quality, cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions. We help our customers win business by partnering on new designs and increasing speed to market.

Our patented APE® technology gives customers a strategic advantage by providing instant pricing and as-built electrical design submittals. Segments we serve in this market include OEM HVAC system suppliers, OEM compressor suppliers, building system providers, equipment monitoring systems, smart grid applications and air filtration.

Water Treatment and Pumping

Global demand for fresh water is forecast to increase by more than 50% by 2030. In order to accommodate this growth, worldwide investment in water and wastewater infrastructure will increase significantly. We help our customers win business by providing high-quality, proven control panel solutions at competitive costs with quick ship delivery. Segments we serve in this market include OEM pump suppliers, OEM water treatment suppliers, lift station providers and SCADA providers.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is under growing pressure to improve efficiency and reduce costs. We help these customers win business by providing high-performing, reliable control panels under difficult environmental conditions.

Alternative Energy

The alternative energy industry continues to grow rapidly as government initiatives increase. Design Ready Controls helps our customers win business by partnering on new technology development and by bringing strong technical expertise with regards to certifications such as UL, ETL and IEC.