An Exciting Day for EarthScout

Design Ready Controls had a recent visit from Senator John Jasinski Assistant Majority Leader and Thom Petersen Minnesota Commissioner of Agriculture at our Brooklyn Park, MN location.

We discussed the impact and opportunities EarthScout (a newly launched IoT environment sensor) had on local Minnesota agriculture and how it could help improve soil health and yields across the region.

The mission of EarthScout since inception in 2016, has been to help growers gather useful grower-owned data through industrial grade tools. This data would assist growers to optimize growth, reduce inputs, conserve resources and build living soils for a stronger, healthier future.

People looking at the agriculture sensor - EarthScout unit.

I am very excited with the dialogue and backing support from both Senator John Jasinski and MN Commissioner of Ag, Thom Peterson. Their support gives an affirmation that everything we are doing within EarthScout is worth it and an immense step forward for us. I would say this was a great way to end the 2019 crop season.

If you would like to learn more, visit EarthScout’s website:

Photo of the author of EarthScout Blog.