A Decade of Growth

Design Ready Controls was incorporated in 1989. Our headquarters building is in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, and we have manufacturing facilities located throughout North America to best serve our customers. We are committed to operational excellence, customer responsiveness, technology, and innovation. We are focused on building control panels and wiring products. Over the past 10 years, our sales have grown at an average annual rate of 20 percent. We sustain that growth through advanced process controls, skilled and dedicated employees, and thoughtful investments in automation.


A National Presence

Our manufacturing facilities in Minnesota, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Virginia allow us to complete and deliver projects within reach of any OEM in the United States. As business volume grows, we are prepared to build new facilities anywhere the market demands.

At every location, we use an integrated ERP system to manage capacity planning and track build times. Our adoption of 5S methodology has helped us create standardized procedures for any product, meet JIT needs, and optimize process flow.

Tell Us About Your Project

Control panels and wiring harnesses all have common features — but each has to meet specific requirements. Whether you need one product in a single location or multiple products in different places, call us today to find out how we can help.

Latest News

Oct 15, 2018
As part of my visit to America, I engaged in an engineering internship at Design Ready Controls. For the month of August 2018, I experienced the work routines of a manufacturing engineer first hand. My first day at Design Ready Controls began with an intr…

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