Exclusive Benefits

Data-driven processes provide operational benefits for us—and market advantages for you. Between proprietary expert systems and advanced automation, we offer a combination of quality and value no other manufacturer can match.


Expert Systems

Automated Manufacturing Expert (AME®) provides paperless, instantaneous updates and immediate feedback, reducing or eliminating communication delays between engineering and manufacturing.


Automated Panel Expert (APE®) automates the engineered-to-order (ETO) process, streamlines configuration and quotations, drives our automated manufacturing processes, and eliminates the potential for human error.



Targeted Automation

We believe technology should improve accuracy, maintain quality, and reduce build times. So we use machines for jobs that are too heavy, repetitive, fast, or tedious for people. For example, our Komax and Schleuniger wire processing equipment handle printing, stripping, crimping, plugging, and cutting to length, but our employees control the machines and ensure their accuracy.

With integrated CNC equipment driven by engineering data, we can customize stock components to meet your needs while reducing build times and logistics costs. And our information portal provides real time, online access to panel build documentation, test data, photos, and component ordering capabilities.

Tell Us About Your Project

Control panels and wiring harnesses all have common features — but each has to meet specific requirements. Whether you need one product in a single location or multiple products in different places, call us today to find out how we can help.

Latest News

Sep 18, 2018
Additive technology has become common in manufacturing. We’ve had 3D printing at Design Ready Controls for years now, using it to improve our techniques and expand our capabilities. As 3D printing advances, operators need to address more variables—and to …

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